HHBCNY combines athletic training methods with the most common workouts to create a fun, yet different workout than most people are used to. It aims to activate muscles that are often neglected with movements that many people are simply not accustomed to doing.

Respect is the number one priority for His And Hers Boot Camp New York. We are an environment that has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. With the majority of our members being women, it is an absolute no brainer.

Quality training is at the forefront of our core values. Although there are many great personal trainers and fitness instructors, we feel that our way of training isn’t only effective but fun and doable.




Everyone that has continued to support His And Hers Boot Camp New York has grown accustomed to teamwork. Being a former high school, collegiate and semi professional athlete has taught me so much about working together and leaving no one behind. Teamwork is essential in our space.

His And Hers Boot Camp New York is homegrown. My father and I were both born and raised here and have lived here our entire lives. Our supporters and members are all from New York. My inspiration to become a business owner is all because of what I’ve experienced here in New York. It is the reason New York is included in the name of my company. I want other fitness businesses, investors, etc, to all come to New York if they chose to be a part of my brand somehow. We embody what is the hustle of living in uptown Manhattan. New York never stops moving and neither do we.